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I'm registering to find myself a partner

A Little Bit About Me

Full time single mum, part time doctor, part time student of Quran.

So that’s the quick and to the point version, here’s the long version. I’m UK born and bred Indian Muslim, not that race matters to me but in case your wondering. Mother to a cheeky 2 year old. Father still sees son. Work part time in A&E. Study 2 mornings a week - Arabic language, Quran translation and Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh. I love it and takes up a lot of my free time but it’s worth it. Enjoy eating - back to keeping it clean during the week and cheat on weekends- restarted working out so hoping to lose a little weight out on after baby and divorce. Love to plan days out- from a shopping day or a kids play centre to a trip to beach- normally just me and my son but sometimes drag my mum along. Love to travel: with the little one I’m building up the courage to travel how I used to but for the next trip I might stick to a package holiday, but working up to some back packing!

Character assignation next

How would my sis-in-laws describe me: (less biased then friends?!? Right!)

Strong, resilient, independent, principled
Reflective, continuously growing, spiritual
Kind-hearted, generous, loving, honest
Great mum
Open minded, non-judgemental
Fairly ok looking
Honest, loyal, forgiving, respectful
Wanderlust- used to travel around 3 x a year inshallah gonna get back to that
A believer, reliant only upon Allah, never gives up trying
Means well always- sometimes gets it wrong
Logical, self assured at times (sometimes too much but never feels too big to apologise when wrong) sometimes looking for validation
Sensitive, introvert around people I might not click with - I’m polite but can’t be fake
Will keep people with toxic behaviours at arms length- liars, manipulators, fake people

A few things which might be construed as negatives which I’m working on

Can be abrupt
Can be defensive
Too independent ( I see it as Allah chose that I was going to end up a single mum and therefore trained me to do that job well by making me independent)
I find it hard to ask for help
Will happily leave the house messy for a day so I can go and take my little boy out on adventures
Keep myself to myself - which can come across as arrogant or unsociable- I’m just selective and keep my circle small

Anyway I think that way more then just a little bit

What I Am Looking For

Honest, humble, Open minded, extrovert, wanting to grow islamically.

Again that’s the short version

I was in a toxic marriage- this has made me strong and cautious

Allah know best what I need best in a partner - but here’s a few things which if not present will be deal breakers

God-fearing - a truely God fearing spouse would always be kind and fair no matter what happens
Honesty respectful loyalty
Deen over dunya but has the ability to live in this dunya pleasantly. Being able to enjoy and appreciate life and this world in a manner which will be pleasing to Allah.
Progressing in deen and spirituality not just standing still and being content
Physical attraction
Not a gold digger but looking for someone financially stable and knowing of their responsibilities to their wife and family.

In the past I try to be polite and answer almost messages but even if to decline- It difficult to answer all. I apologise if I don’t get back to but I do pray Allah sends you your match soon.

Registration Reason

I'm registering to find myself a partner

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